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Aydan Bayır


Counselling Program

The primary of aim of this type of counselling, which is the unusual collation of positive psychology,  coaching and practical philosophy, is not only supporting client to obtain his/her  intended goals, but also allowing him/her to acquire a clearer view on vision and mission in life. Unlike other coaching consultancies, Positive Psychology Counseling benefits from critical perspective of applied philosophy and a map that shows the compliance between the current status and future desires of the client are drawn in a realistic manner. As a result of these evidence-based applications of positive psychology, clients reach their targets through scientifically validated methodologies. Moreover this service is provided by SKYPE or by telephone to facilitate our quick lives.

Throughout the process, the client's development is observed objectively with the help of the following positive psychology inventories;


1-The VIA Survey of Character Strengths (University of Pennsylvania)


2-Subjective Happiness Scale (By Sonja Lyubomirsky, Phd.)


3-The Satisfaction with Life Scale (By Ed Diener, Phd.)


4-The Gratitude Questionnaire- Six Item Form (By Michael McCullough, Phd., Robert Emmons, Phd., Jo-Ann Tsang, Phd.)


5-Personal Growth Initiative Scale (By Christine Robitschek, Phd.)


6-Self-Compassion Scale (By Kristin Neff, Phd.)


7-The Functions of Self-Criticizing/Attacking Scale (By Paul Gilbert, Phd.)


8-Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (By Kirk Warren Brown, Phd.)


It should be underlined that Positive Psychology Counseling does not offer psychological counseling, psychotherapy or psychiatric services. These kind approaches can be applied only by clinical psychologists or psychiatrists. However Positive Psychology Counseling is different from them and it is for people who have not any a clinical diagnosis or a psychiatric diagnosis and;

-want to learn how to use the practices of positive psychology more effectively in their life,

-need a road map for revealing more authentic self in the direction of its goals and values,

- want to discover their strengths and benefit from them in their daily life / work life more efficiently.

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All rights reserved.

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